GRBM was established in 2008 to operate in the Black Creek community which is between Keele St and Hwy 400 south of Steeles Avenue and north of Hwy 401. This area is also popularly known as the Jane and Finch corridor; this community is mainly made up of new immigrants, low income and single parent households. The community therefore suffers great cultural and economic isolation from main stream society. The youth (6-21yrs) are usually the silent victims of such isolation until they start acting out their frustrations in anti-social ways. The organization was therefore established to address the community’s youth educational, physical, emotional and spiritual needs; with the ultimate goal of expanding those services to other isolated communities worldwide. The Black Creek community is very diverse, multicultural and vibrant; a true microcosm of the global village and therefore a great place to start. We are currently actively involved in providing prayer, short term volunteer and some financial support to our partners labouring among their people in remote areas of Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia, India, Uganda, BC, Zambia, Botswana, Philippines and in Laos.


Our overriding goal is to provide a holistic approach to health by promoting physical, emotional as well as spiritual wellbeing.
The following are our objectives:

1) To advance academic and Spiritual development by providing after school tuition and Christian mentoring/discipleship programs.

2) To provide counseling and other supportive services for all young people in an attempt to address their emotional needs. We also provide workshops for troubled students in anger management, conflict resolution, anti-bullying and effective communication.

3) To promote physical heath by providing exercise programs and presentations on proper died and health living.

4) We do all these in partnership with local school, community centres and churches.

5) To partner with indigenous youth ministers in isolated river basin communities worldwide.


To fulfill the above objectives, GRBM mobilizes and equips chaplains who will be deployed or contracted to support youth outreaches in schools, community centres and churches; We help communities and churches in Canada and worldwide start and run their youth outreach programs. We are right now addressing some of the issues affecting the youth at the Jane/Finch corridor. Our global river basin fellowship is effectively facilitated through our blog, Newsletters and Facebook.

We partner with local schools, churches and community organizations; We mobilize youth chaplains to support classroom teachers, to conduct after school activities like sports and homework clubs. Other isolated river basin communities may be affected by lack of scholastic materials, river pollution and other social problems.

The disconnected youth often find their sense of belonging in gangs; those who turn to Christ ultimately need a community of believers to nature them; providing a positive sense of belonging and a necessary social infrastructure. We therefore organize and oversee a network of house/simple fellowships in the Black Creek area and other isolated communities.

To enable youth chaplains to reach out to other isolated communities worldwide, we organize trips and connect them to our partners in those communities. GRBM will partner with local communities in establishing chapels as well as guest houses for traveling youth chaplains/Nonresidential missionaries.

We do provide general orientation/training for all our youth chaplains. In depth affordable theological education, with a flexible structure, is also available through Life Christian University www.lcus.edu . We are available to give presentations to churches, schools and organizations regarding our operations and do provide internship opportunities for seminary students.


We are in fellowship with a growing number of individuals serving their local isolated river basin communities:

• Chiang Rai in (Mae Kok river basin), Thailand.

• Vientiane in (Mekong river basin), Laos. Jakarta (Ciliwung river basin), Indonesia.

• Arani (Kamandala Naaga river basin), India. Stung Treng (Mekong river basin), Cambodia. Mpigi (Katonga river basin), Uganda.

• Chilliwack (Fraser river basin) BC, Canada. Garrisa (Tana river basin), Kenya.

• Wagga Wagga (Murray river basin), Australia.

• Phitsane/Molopo (Molopo river basin), Botswana. Livingstone (Zambezi river basin), Zambia.

• Jinja (Nile river basin), Uganda.

• Bangued (Abra river basin) Northern Philippines.

• Tachileik (Sai river basin) Myanmar.

Global River Basin Ministries is a registered charity with Canada Revenue Agency.
Our charitable number is 849474093 RR 0001.